Lighting Design

  • Concerts and live music
    New technologies have made lighting more prominent in live performances of all kinds. Get inspired with our design ideas from a broad range of performance genres.
  • Theater and dance
    Theatrical lighting enhances stage performances in many different ways. Through the use of colors and intensity, good lighting can set a mood and direct our audience's attention.
  • Weddings and banquets
    Carefully conceived lighting will brighten any room and give your party a dramatic glow. Our lighting designs can focus guests' attention where you want it (on the cake table or on your dramatic entrance).
  • Corporate meetings
    Strong front lighting and the right presentation tools will give your next keynote a boost in the right direction. Count on our lighting team to brighten your new product unveiling and our video IMAG team to present it on the world's stage.
  • Special Events
    We know how important your event is and we want to be able to make it known! We can customize our lighting set up to fit any configuration for the big night.

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