LED Video Wall

In just the last few years, LED video walls have come a long way. Instead of being stuck with having only the option of reflected video for large-sized screens, we now have the option of looking directly into the light source. The ever decreasing size of each module allows LED walls to be much more portable than previously imagined. Lighting designers are now able to craft unique lighting experiences that goes beyond the projector map!

Entertainment Technology Unlimited is the premier source for your LED video wall custom design and rental in the San Francisco Bay Area. With expertise in all fields including corporate, concerts, banquets, and information display, ETU's Canvas LED video wall display will be guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the guests of your next event!

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Lighting Design

We've all heard the phrase: "Lights, camera, and action!" Without the first, there wouldn't be the much to follow after. We know how important proper lighting design is for your event. With our background in theatrical and stage lighting and our knowledge in the latest lighting technologies, we will create a visual experience by setting the mood and focus your audience's attention.

Entertainment Technology Unlimited has passion for custom lighting design. We value the unique nooks and crannies of each venue and will use our fixtures to show them in the best light. With experience with LED fixtures, moving head fixtures, conventional fixtures, special effects, gobos, theatrical lighting, corporate lighting, concerts, banquets, weddings, and live events, the last thing you will have to worry about is being left in the dark.

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Audio Systems

Hearing the truth is an important part of daily life. Good sound is not enough. We strive to achieve the perfect sound. Our goal is to make the sound come alive as if you're right up next to the vocalist or share a lick with the bassist (figuratively of course). We understand that sounds can transport us to distant places, awaken sleeping emotions and even intensify our senses.

Entertainment Technology Unlimited is here to make sure your family in the front row doesn't leave with bleeding ears but your voice is heard from the late arrivals standing in the very last row. A 50-person indoor company meeting and a 50,000-person outdoor festival both have different audio needs. Even in these vast ranges, ETU will always recommend using the best equipment fit for the job. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, ETU has the resources to design and deliver quality sound to any sized venue.

Custom Install

Want to open a Karaoke KTV? We've done it. Need a home theater system? We've done it. Does your restaurant want a banquet A/V system? We've done it. Need to build a commercial recording studio? We've done it. Are you trying to set up a radio broadcast system or a remote communication system over a cloud network? We've done it. Does your system need modern upgrades? We can help.

Entertainment Technology Unlimited is fundamentally a team of problem solvers. We want to know what technological issue is bugging you and we will work out a way to fix it. We are constantly surrounding ourselves with the newest technologies and always thinking of new ways to reduce the gap between technology and life. ETU specializes custom integrations. Contact us to see how we can help your next project.

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